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ALTERNATIVES Consulting Psychologists was established in West End in 2003.  Our aim is to improve well-being in individuals and workplaces.   We work with clients in a supportive and practical manner to help them achieve positive changes in their lives. We do this through challenging, building on strengths and capabilities, and helping people to practise and embed new skills and strategies.  We have developed a reputation for providing confidential and discreet services in a professional and reliable manner.


Our Services 

We love to help people develop healthy, happy and meaningful lives through adopting positive changes.  Our work focuses on helping people develop more effective skills, build better relationships, and improve their well-being, and includes:

•  Self-management skills.
•  Communication skills.
•  Building resilience.
•  Overcoming old habits or behaviours which affect well-being and performance.

We have extensive experience in working with people across most business and professional areas.  We work on achieving the following:

•  Improved work/personal relationships.
•  Increased resilience and confidence.
•  Ability to face challenges with confidence.
•  Improved decision-making skills.

Some background information

Prior to establishing her own business, Judi worked in management, counselling, training, and teaching roles. This exposure to different industry groups as well as to corporate, government and community work environments has been valuable in helping her understand the different demands of work environments.

Judi gained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology in 1992, and later returned to tertiary studies to complete a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology which she completed in 2003.  She is an active Member of several professional associations including the Australian Psychological Society, Brisbane South Medicare Local Group, the College of Organisational Psychologists, the Coaching Psychologists Interest Group (Qld), and the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).  Judi also serves as a Committee Member on teh Brisbane Women's Club Board and the Griffith University Advisory Board. 

One of the highlights in Judi's career was undertaking volunteer consultancy work with business and government personnel in Norilsk, Siberia.  This was shortly after the collapse of Communism in 1993 and the old ways of managing groups and businesses were no longer relevant. Judi was part of a group of consultants who were the first Australians to visit that area of Siberia.  Judi co-facilitated sessions on group processes and strategic planning, working through a translator – a real challenge to her communication skills!

Memberships and Associations

Judi Pears is a Member or Associate of the following organisations:

  • Australian Psychological Society (Member)
  • College Organisational Psychologists (COP)
  • Australian Institute of Management (Associate Fellow)
  • Griffith University Advisory Board (Committee Member)
  • Brisbane Women's Club Trust (Board Member).


Sally Rostas - Supervisor of Professional Practice

Sally completed the supervisiossn training program (STAP) and is an accredited Supervisor.  She provides professional supervision to psychology graduates (for registration purposes),  Post-Graduate students completing Masters or PhD programs (for endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist), as well as psychologists and other allied health providers wanting supervision or professional development. 

Speak with Sally (Mobile 0410 261 292) if you are interested in Supervision of your professional practice.

























































































































































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